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Guest Contributor: Tennessee Wesleyan University – Paisley Roberts, OTS

Why is Mental Health Important?

Mental health consists of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. These factors determine how we act, feel, regulate stress, connect to others, and make decisions. The mental health of a person is essential through childhood all the way throughout adulthood. It is important to engage your mind to maintain a positive mental health mindset throughout your life.

How Can Having a Positive Mental Health Mindset Benefit Your Life?

  • Improve your overall attitude and outlook on life.
  • Increase your ability to cope with everyday stressors.
  • Enhance your work ethic and productivity.
  • Influence you reaching your full potential.
  • Improve your heart health and immune system.
  • Increase your overall health and lifespan.

How to Make Mental Health a Priority in the Middle of a Pandemic

During this pandemic it has been challenging to continue to make mental health a priority. We all have been through our ups and downs this year. It is okay to know that every day is not always going to be perfect. There are many simple ways to maintain your positive mental health mindset through both great and not so great days.

  • Staying physically active
  • Giving or helping others
  • Getting a proper amount of sleep every night
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Practicing mindfulness or breathing techniques
  • Socially connecting with others (even if that means virtually)
  • Making time for activities that you enjoy
  • Creating a daily routine
  • Maintaining proper hygiene
  • Eating a nutritious and healthy diet
  • Limiting screen time from devices
  • Receiving professional help if you need it
  • Additional Mental Health Resources

Tips for Healthy Mental Health Habits:

Tips for Mental Health During Covid-19:—mental-health

Beginner Mindfulness Exercises:

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