Who we are; What we Do

dRC is a Center for Independent Living. (CIL) We are a community-based non-residential program of services. We are designed to assist people with disabilities to attain independent lives. In order to achieve independence, we strive to eliminate physical and attitudinal barriers in our community.

Individuals are supported in the creation of their own practical plan goals, and needs.

Over fifty-one percent of the Board of Directors and staff at our Center for Independent Living are people with disabilities.

We provide five (not four, as the video states) basic services.
  • Information and Referral
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Individual and System Advocacy.
  • Peer Support
  • and Transitioning to home based living

dRC runs many programs that support these fundamental services.

Be Street Smart!

dRC initiated its “Street Smart” campaign as part of a national program to increase awareness of street safety to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Sandy holding a long cane has a tire track superimposed on her body Crosswalks count and we need to review and re-learn the rules of the road to ensure the safety of all of us, whether on foot, on bikes or in cars.

Our own Board Member, Sandy Booher was hit by a driver who did not check for pedestrians, even though Sandy had a green light and the white pedestrian light. See the video about this on WATE 6.