Transition from Nursing Homes into the Community

dRC assists in the transitioning process for individuals who are living in a nursing home or other type of institutional setting and are desiring to live more independently within their community. dRC can assist an individual locate housing, and/or apply for an apartment. If low-income/section 8 housing is necessary, dRC assists in the application process with housing programs such as KCDC and HUD.

In order to avoid the difficult transition to and from nursing homes or similar settings, dRC also provides prevention services to assist individuals with disabilities to remain in their own homes. We assist in independent living skills trainings, connect individuals with healthcare and other available community resources, provide peer support, and social integrational events.

For more information about these and other services, please contact Mary Lu Shipstad or Matt Davis by calling (865) 637-3666

Senior couple buying fresh vegetables at the local market.