dRC Housing Assistance

Finding affordable, accessible housing is one of life’s biggest challenges for people with disabilities. dRC collaborates with KCDC, HUD, the City of Knoxville, ECHO, etc, and serves on community housing committees to expand opportunities for people with disabilities to have increased access to better housing options.
dRC provides the following housing assistance:

  • Assists with navigating the housing network
  • Assists with completing KCDC, section 8, and HUD applications
  • Assists in locating and completing apartment/housing applications
  • Assists with locating apartments/housing on the fixed rout bus and paratransit systems
  • Advises and provides instructions on effective communication with housing managers/landlords
  • Provides advocacy services regarding housing issues violating the ADA, Fair Housing Act, etc.

If you desire housing assistance through dRC, contact us by calling- (865) 637-3666.

You will be put in contact with an IL Specialist willing to assist you.