Situations may arise where you need to know how to advocate for yourself, have assistance in advocating, or obtain assistance or join a group where new legislation is confronting a disability issue or even change a law or regulation that is already in existence.

Advocacy image of a hammer in a courtroom.

Self Advocacy

dRC has trainings to teach clients how to advocate for themselves. Remain calm in a hostile, discriminatory circumstance, write appropriate letters/emails to address an advocacy issue, learn the ins and outs of self-advocacy, and how to advocate with successful results. Many times communication is the key. Who best to communicate with, how to communicate successfully, and knowing the art of persuasion.

Individual Advocacy

There are times when dRC may assist in advocating for an individual regarding a personal or professional circumstance. If a situation arises where only advocacy is needed and not legal representation, dRC can provide individual advice, share experiences where the same type of advocacy was successful, and/or provide the laws and regulations that are in place for people with disabilities in that particular situation.

Systems Advocacy

dRC has collaborated with numerous disability agencies and organizations to assist in promoting laws and legislation supporting the civil rights of people with disabilities to provide equal access and inclusion in employment, housing, transportation, education, recreation, health care, and in society as a whole. dRC strongly believes, promotes and supports the empowerment of people with disabilities through the Independent Living Philosophy to live, work and play in our own communities.