The staff had their pictures taken at the Accessible, Ashley Nicole Dream Playground. They can be found more frequently at the disABILITY Resource Center.

Lillian appears to be enveloped in some head-high grass.

Lillian Burch: Executive Director

Because of my relationships with friends and family members with disabilities, I am very committed to the independent living movement philosophy and practice. My responsibilities include the daily administration, management, direction and operation of the disABILITY Resource Center programs, events, services, facilities, and personnel. I enjoy meeting every person who comes to the DRC and watching their progress. In addition, I represent the agency at local, state, and federal levels. I am also a federal peer reviewer for compliance reviews and grant applications for the Independent Living Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Just for fun, I love completing the yearly federal report!
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Katherine is about to be swallowed by the playground's lion.

Katherine Moore: Independent Living Specialist

As an Independent Living Specialist, I assist people with disabilities and their families as they face day to day challenges. Being a person with a disability provides me with the understanding of the many aspects of each individual need and knowledge that people with disabilities are capable of reaching their hopes and dreams. What an honor it is to be a part of someone's life as I watch them take each step as they find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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Basil is doing giant swings on the monkey bars.

Basil Farris: Employment Coach

As a Job Coach/Peer Mentor I get to know the clients and assist them in finding employment and housing. I build community relationships to further our database of employers as well as housing organizations to help better opportunities for our clients. I coordinate both the employment and housing application days, and lend an ear when necessary.
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Kathi looking down from the back of the playground's ASL alphabet chart.

Kathi Hollander: Office Manager

As Office Manager, I am responsible for bookkeeping and other office management duties such as maintenance of office equipment and facilities. In addition, I am the Program Manager for our Home and Community Based Services called the CareWorks program. I ensure that people with disabilities in their homes can live independent and meaningful lives in the community.
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After eating Katherine, the lion is about to devour Melanie.

Melanie Potts: Independent Living Specialist

As an Independent Living Specialist and a person with a disability, I help people with disabilities help themselves by providing them encouragement, support, and inspiration to move forward. Sometimes all it takes to succeed is someone to show you a different perspective; I am that someone.
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David looks sort of like Tarzan hanging onto a playground tree.

David Samples: Disability Advocate

As Disability Advocate, I provide assistance to clients regarding legal matters associated with their disabilities. I have a role in communicating on behalf of clients when they feel that their rights are being infringed, but I also empower clients to empower themselves and self-advocate for their rights on their own terms. I am a law student at the University of Tennessee and I work under the supervision of a licensed attorney to address clients' legal questions.
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DRC Board members

  • Tim Hiles President
  • Sandy Booher Vice President
  • Polly McArthur Secretary
  • Nicole Craig
  • Mary Hodges
  • Kirsten Sams Treasurer
  • Joel Simmons
  • George Welsh
  • Don Dare
  • Dennis Clark
  • Carol Fusco