How can I weigh myself?

It's difficult for someone in a wheelchair to find a scale where they can weigh themselves. If you can't stand, you can't dRC has an easy-to-use, wheelchair accessible, roll-on scale. step on a regular scale. And a wheelchair is too big to fit on an ordinary scale. There are very few accessible scales around.

dRC has a Wheelchair Accessible Scale

and you can use it for free! If you wish, the staff can help determine your weight, or you can follow these steps to weigh yourself.

Go to the disAbility Resource Center and ask if you can weigh yourself. The staff will gladly show you where the scale is kept.

Press the on/off button to turn the scale on.

The scale's display will show zero after it initializes itself.

Let the scale sit there for a second and it will set itself to zero.

Take everything off of your wheelchair - including yourself. Remove any bags or coke cans or anything else that is not always on your chair. You will only have to weigh your chair once since it probably isn't going to gain weight over time.

Transfer to another chair so you can weigh your wheelchair without anything on it. You might need to have someone push your wheelchair up onto the scale by itself. After a few seconds the scale will show what your wheelchair weighs. Mine weighs a whopping 40.6 pounds.

Total Weight minus Chair-Weight = Your Weight.

Transfer back into your wheelchair and roll up onto the scale. After a few seconds, the scale will show how much you and your chair weigh together.

Subtract your chair's weight from the total and what you have left is your own weight. In my case, (shown here) I subtracted 40.6 pounds from the 243.08 shown on the scale, and it turns out I weigh 202.48 pounds.

Remember what your chair weighs! Then, the next time you weigh yourself, just remove any extra stuff from the chair and weigh yourself and the chair, and subtract the weight of the chair.